Marin School

150 North San Pedro Road, San Rafael, CA 94903
Phone: 415-339-9336
Fax: 415-339-9337
Head of School
Barbara J. Brown
Director of Admission
Shirey Bukowski
Established: 1980
Grades: 9-12
  • 66
    Total student enrollment Grades 9-12
  • 31
  • 35
  • 30
    Percent students of color
  • 7:1
    Student: teacher ratio
  • 8
    Average class size
  • 15
  • 50
    Percent faculty with advanced degrees
  • 11
    Average years teaching
Admissions Process
  • Rolling
    Application deadline (month)
  • $none
    Application fee
  • 45
    Number of 9th Grade applications
  • 25
    Average range of openings 9th Grade
  • 5-10
    Average range of openings 10th Grade
  • 5-7
    Average range of openings 11th Grade
  • 3-5
    Average range of openings 12th Grade
  • $37,270
    Tuition (2013-2014)
  • $450 - $900
    Other costs
  • February
    Financial aid deadline
  • $14,000
    Average grant
  • 43
    Percent students on financial aid
  • 1746
    Cumulative SAT score
  • 594
    Mean SAT score Verbal Reasoning
  • 574
    Mean SAT score Math
  • 578
    Mean score Writing
  • 83
    Percent students attending four year colleges/universities
  • 8
    Percent students attending two year colleges
Top five names of Colleges/ Universities attended by
7 or more students (2009-2013):
    Pfitzer College
    Lewis and Clark College
    Chapman University
    Loyola Marymount University
    University of Puget Sound
World Languages Spanish Mandarin French Latin Italian German Japanese Other
X   X        
Religious Affiliation Non sectarian Catholic Episcopal Jewish Christian Other
Initiate Inquiry Online Phone Email
Application Parent Student Online Common SAO Shadow visit Student interview Parent interview Writing sample
X X   X X X   X
Recommendations Math Teacher English Teacher Principal or Counselor Clergy Other
X X X    
X X X X X      

What is unique and different about The Marin School is its personalized approach.  The Marin School is small by design, not by default.  Being small has significant benefits. In particular, there is the transformative effect The Marin School experience has on the young people entrusted to it.

Because of the small class size and the low-student-to teacher ratio, teachers at The Marin School truly understand their students—who they are, how they think, what motivates them and how they learn.  The Marin School students have a real relationship with their teachers and the administrators.

Most important, our teachers have the motivation and experience, far broader than only teaching skills, to help students reach their full potential.  We have an unshakeable belief in the potential of each and every person.  We also know that not everyone learns in the same way.  As a result, creative approaches for teaching and learning are cornerstone values at The Marin School.

Creativity is encouraged and embraced at all levels of the learning process, in the classrooms and across disciplines.  The Marin School teachers are empowered to teach, and students are free to learn in surprising, sometimes unorthodox, yet thoroughly effective ways.  Creativity is also evident in the traditional sense of drawing, painting, photography, design, film, technology, creative writing, drama and music.

Because different people learn in different ways the environment and conformity necessary for large schools to function efficiently does not suit everyone.  The congeniality and collaborative nature of The Marin School are key to our students’ success.  Smart kids who want something different thrive at The Marin School.

The Marin School is unique in its interpretation of what it means to be “educated.” Being educated is certainly mastering content and subject matter but it is also learning how to think, reason, interpret, and analyze.  In our minds, it also means developing character and learning to make good decisions.  Our graduates master these academic and life skills and leave with the ability to proceed on life’s journey as confident, contributing members of our global community.

Transformation. Mentorship. Success.



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