Saint Mary’s College High School

1294 Albina Avenue, Peralta Park, Berkeley, CA 94706
Phone: 510-526-9242
Fax: 510-559-6277
Head of School
Dr. Peter Imperial
Director of Admission
Lawrence Puck
Established: 1863
Grades: 9-12
  • 600
    Total student enrollment Grades 9-12
  • 294
  • 306
  • 28
    Percent students of color
  • 18:1
    Student: teacher ratio
  • 28
    Average class size
  • 46
  • 50
    Percent faculty with advanced degrees
  • 16
    Average years teaching
Admissions Process
  • January
    Application deadline (month)
  • $85
    Application fee
  • 400
    Number of 9th Grade applications
  • 165
    Average range of openings 9th Grade
  • 3-5
    Average range of openings 10th Grade
  • 3-5
    Average range of openings 11th Grade
  • none
    Average range of openings 12th Grade
  • $15,450
    Tuition (2013-2014)
  • $1200
    Other costs
  • February
    Financial aid deadline
  • 43
    Percent students on financial aid
  • 21
    HL courses offered
  • 14
    Advanced placement cources offered
  • 98
    Percent students attending four year colleges/universities
  • 2
    Percent students attending two year colleges
Top five names of Colleges/ Universities attended by
7 or more students (2009-2013):
    University of California, Berkeley
    University of California, Los Angeles
    Loyola Mary Mount University
    Saint Mary's College
    University of Oregon
  • 20
    Number of Varsity sports offered
  • 15
    Number of Junior Varsity sports
World Languages Spanish Mandarin French Latin Italian German Japanese Other
X   X          
X X          
Religious Affiliation Non sectarian Catholic Episcopal Jewish Christian Other
Initiate Inquiry Online Phone Email
Application Parent Student Online Common SAO Shadow visit Student interview Parent interview Writing sample
X X X     X    
Recommendations Math Teacher English Teacher Principal or Counselor Clergy Other
X X X    
      X     X  

Saint Mary’s College HighSchool is a fully accredited, Lasallian Catholic college preparatory high school, located in North Berkeley.  The park-like campus is tucked inside a quiet residential area and is easily accessible by bike, car, bus and North Berkeley BART.  Saint Mary’s believes it is our responsibility to prepare, teach, and educate our students to be compassionate and competitive in a global society.  We actively incorporate the importance of faith, values, and service to others, with a strong sense of tradition and heritage.

Saint Mary’s also knows that our students are part of a world that is rapidly changing, connecting, adapting, and evolving.  Our academic program prepares students for a university education and gives them the tools to discover their place as leaders and citizens in the 21st Century.

The traditional educational model, developed over a century ago, is no longer sufficient to meet the needs of today’s culture and environment.  Saint Mary’s academic program emphasizes Mastery Over Performance.  Our curriculum moves away from the traditional notion of reading a chapter and answering questions correctly, to understanding the implications of what is learned, or mastery of the material.  Saint Mary’s teaches its students to become agents of their own learning by introducing them to research-supported learning strategies with an emphasis on the ability to read, think, analyze, and write critically; where they are also encouraged to explore their world by engaging in intellectual and moral inquiry.

Saint Mary’s offers a challenging curriculum that exceeds the University of California and California State University requirements.  Historically, over 98% of our graduates have been accepted into four-year colleges and universities.  Important educational opportunities also exist outside the traditional classroom.  We are confident that our academic program together with a competitive athletic program, our extensive visual and performing arts offerings, and our Mission-based curricular and co-curricular programs (Epistemology Studies, Enrichment Week, Lasallian Days, The Freshman Experience, etc.), set Saint Mary’s apart and enable us to provide one of the best educational opportunities for students in the Bay Area.


Profile information on the best private high schools of the San Francisco Bay was provided by the school or from publicly available sites.