Marin Academy

1600 Mission Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone: 415-453-2808
Fax: 415-459-8905
Head of School
Travis Brownley
Director of Admission
Dan Babior
Established: 1971
Grades: 9-12
  • 405
    Total student enrollment Grades 9-12
  • 196
  • 209
  • 27
    Percent students of color
  • 9:1
    Student: teacher ratio
  • 15
    Average class size
  • 52
  • 67
    Percent faculty with advanced degrees
  • 21
    Average years teaching
Admissions Process
  • January
    Application deadline (month)
  • $100
    Application fee
  • 430
    Number of 9th Grade applications
  • 103
    Average range of openings 9th Grade
  • 0-4
    Average range of openings 10th Grade
  • 0-4
    Average range of openings 11th Grade
  • none
    Average range of openings 12th Grade
  • $34,430
    Tuition (2013-2014)
  • $600 - $900
    Other costs
  • January
    Financial aid deadline
  • $27,000
    Average grant
  • 22
    Percent students on financial aid
  • 50
    HL courses offered
  • 56
    AP exams taken
  • 41
    Students taking AP exams
  • 93
    Percent scoring 3 or above
  • 1860-2190
    Cumulative SAT score
  • 630-730
    Mean SAT score Verbal Reasoning
  • 600-720
    Mean SAT score Math
  • 630-750
    Mean score Writing
  • 99
    Percent students attending four year colleges/universities
Top five names of Colleges/ Universities attended by
7 or more students (2009-2013):
  • 22
    University of Southern California
  • 16
    Wesleyan University
  • 15
    Tufts University
  • 13
    University of California, Berkeley
  • 11
    Stanford University
  • 11
    Number of Varsity sports offered
  • 6
    Number of Junior Varsity sports
World Languages Spanish Mandarin French Latin Italian German Japanese Other
X X X          
X   X X      
Religious Affiliation Non sectarian Catholic Episcopal Jewish Christian Other
Initiate Inquiry Online Phone Email
Application Parent Student Online Common SAO Shadow visit Student interview Parent interview Writing sample
X X X   X X   X
Recommendations Math Teacher English Teacher Principal or Counselor Clergy Other
X X X    
X X X          

Marin Academy is a place where students are enthusiastically engaged in all aspects of their high school experience.  Whether it’s academics, athletics, the arts, or adventures in the outdoors, students are encouraged to grow as scholars and as people through opportunities that constantly expand their horizons.  Marin Academy is a community that invites you to evolve in ways you may never have considered and at the same time asks that you never lose sight of your role as a global citizen with responsibilities to others.

At Marin Academy, learning happens in a student-centered, collaborative and cooperative environment where kindness counts.  Students acquire skills that allow them to think analytically, critically, and perhaps most importantly, systemically in recognition that all phenomena are interrelated, interconnected, and interdependent.  By becoming a systemic thinker, you will learn to view things holistically and perceive vast possibilities.

Inquiry-based learning — seeking knowledge by questioning — is another hallmark of a Marin Academy education.  You’ll learn how to frame big-picture questions by addressing real-world problems that often require multidisciplinary solutions.  The deeper students wade into the subject, the better they get at asking questions.  They discover how to think within and across disciplines, converting information and data into useful knowledge.  Our End-of-Year Projects — grade-specific culminating experiences that are interdisciplinary, experiential programs specifically designed to target the academic goals and developmental needs of each grade — are an excellent example of inquiry-based learning in action.  With over 100 course titles, Marin Academy is committed to supporting students who want to take charge of their educational choices.  For us, high school is more than just a collection of credits.  It’s a composite of day: four years of a fully lived life.

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