Private K-8 Schools of San Francisco & Marin (6th Edition) – $29.95 – August, 2010

Now in its sixth edition, Private K-8 Schools of San Francisco & Marin continues to be the most comprehensive resource available for information on private K-8 schools in San Francisco and Marin. It brings together information on more than 80 independent, proprietary and parochial schools in a standardized format allowing an accurate comparison of schools. As importantly, it includes 29 pages of advice on the admission process so that parents are informed and confident when they begin their search to find the best school for their child. It includes:

  • School’s mission statement and academic philosophy
  • Full costs including tuition increases and donations
  • Admission process and number of applications received
  • Admission etiquette and tips
  • Extended day hours and costs
  • School diversity and faculty qualifications
  • Curriculum offerings including foreign languages, art, music, drama, and computers
  • What sort of student each school best serves
  • Learning differences/disabilities resources
  • High school placements

Private High Schools of the San Francisco Bay Area (4th Edition) – $29.95 – August, 2008

The most comprehensive source available for comparing information on private independent, proprietary and religiously-affiliated high schools from Santa Rosa to San Jose and throughout the East Bay. This book is updated and expanded at the request of thousands of parents who have relied on it since it was first published in 1998. The 2008 edition includes information on 68 high schools, 25 pages of advice on what to look for in high schools and how to apply, and numerous pages of comparative school statistics. The book does what web sites don’t do – it provides extensive information about schools – all in the same format – so accurate comparisons can be made.